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Fashion trends aspire the audience to act confident and motivate to stay updated with the changing era of the world. Every year we adopt certain fashion ideas and possess the curiosity to know what’s the hot selling items of the year.

Kids Fashion is comparatively challenging to follow every time as the trends change quicker for them. Getting your kids dressed is a real challenge when you want to keep in consideration the comfort, style, cuts and fabric as well.

In this blog we will have a look at the top trending dresses for kids for the year 2019.

Long Skirts

Flow away with the trendy look of long skirts carried by the printed, floral and colored materials. These are elegantly worn in all the seasons of the year. Most of the Girls prefer wearing the Long Skirts in semi-formal and casual occasions depending on the style, design and fabric used in it. 


Kids comfortably wear the funky and fun coloured long skirts in evening parties and formal occasions if they are embellished with pearls and aspiring cuts. Dressed up with blooming tops with pockets and cape style shirts make the Kids outfit more appealing for everyone.

Jump Suits

Introduced for the parachuters and sky divers initially, Jump Suits are the combination of a party wear and a funky dress for Teens and Young Girls. The concept of the suit is to make the individual feel comfortable and relaxed while performing the regular day activities. Jumpsuits are loved by kids when mixed with colour combinations for all seasons and embossed with threaded embroideries and pockets.  

Jump Suit

The one-piece suit looks appealing with coloured sneakers and high pony tails on young girls. The fashion of jump suits has already the top of the discussion for all, so why not try out one of the most rated dresses of the year now?

Bell Sleeves Kurti

Named as umbrella or bell sleeves, these are noted to be in the top trends of this year. Kids wearing bell sleeves with regular and casual shirts, Frocks, Kurtis and Tops with Wide Pants. They not only add a fancy touch to everyday dresses but also looks cool for all ages of Girls including Teens and Kids.

Bell Sleeves

A slight addition of sequenced embroidery on the border of sleeves is aesthetically appealing for all ages. Keeping the modern day look in mind, bell sleeves are suitable for tunics, peplums, shirts and modern-day chic tops.

Wide Pants

Flared and flowy wide pants make a perfect match with trendy tops designed in a variety of fabrics. Either you are planning your wardrobe for workplace or parties, wide pants are paired with modern tops and frocks to give you the style needed for the desired occasion.

Striped wide pants are adopted for everyday outfit as a regal wear. Teenage girls are carrying the style of striped wide pants for parties and semi-formal events as well. Textured, plain or printed wide pants for kids are wore with the Short Kurtis and Shirts.

Angarkha Style

Aspired from the traditional wear of Angarkha from 90’s, the dress has regained the attention this season. From kids to teens and women, majority has observed wearing thee ethnic style of Angarkha in the most delicate way.

Embellished with tassels and embroidery, Angarkha is suitable for daylight events and evening gathering as well. With the beautiful cuts and styles this dress is one among the most favorites of all women this year.

Check out the latest collection of inspired from the modern look covered in “Flamingo” whereas “Rangeen” is the definitive idea of traditional ethnicity for Kids. Among all the above-mentioned styles choose your fashion to be carried this year as your most favorite outfit.

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